Spiritual Restoration

The Spiritual Restoration affects three things: body; soul; spirit. Because of the genetic programs of the sick soul of the body. When using this method, we work with Upper Spiritual Helpers I’m working, it comes with instructions and information. The […]


Spiritual Response Therapy

  The Spiritual Response Therapy surpasses the most known alternative cure. The higher level of Consciousness (Higher Self) contacts, we can work together in the spirit. In this way it is possible to the conscious and the subconscious records to examine, and […]


Fate Conversion Method

  Pendulum destiny cleaning methods, obstacles, cleaning blocks and loading of positive energy. Fate cleaning method examines the unconscious mind and the soul of a note (Akasha Chronicle) examines, with all the experience of the soul is recorded. With the help to […]


Muscle Test – block solution method

  The muscle-testing block solution technique an academic exercise, motion dealing method. (kinesiology)From conception from all the information about ourselves and our environment we are within us, whether we remember it consciously or not. This information is placed on the […]


AURA deep cleansing, harmonizing the chakras

  All of us have bodies with a certain frequency of vibration.  The oscillation frequency of physically and mentally healthy person’s organs smooth and harmonious. In contrast, patients or people suffering from mental problems otherwise disharmonic vibrations. By using the right therapy, Reiki […]



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