Sixth Sense spiritual, esoteric training, personal development training

Get to know our attitudes!

Our mission is to help broaden the spiritual path, for all our people.
Our goal: to find a higher level of self-awareness to achieve.
The logo symbolizes the freedom that we all are born with the highest quality source of energy / spirit children are spiritual beings.
The main goal of our life, growing in love, learn and get to know wisdom.

I recommend teaching?

For you, if you are actively looking for the meaning of life, if you like, conscious, enlightened people to be in the area of spirituality.


We can help you learn how to talk to the Higher-Self, healthy, happy living.

Each class has been so content, which is easily understood by spiritual seekers.
The disciples out here, they found the purpose of life, improve the experience of their own understanding, emotional & spiritual development.

We are happy with the growth of successes, we thank all the disciples.

Sign courses and alternative medical treatments!


You can not come to the course?

You can learn online.

Phone: +3670/329-4960, +3620/500-2291

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