AURA deep cleansing, harmonizing the chakras


All of us have bodies with a certain frequency of vibration.  The oscillation frequency of physically and mentally healthy person’s organs smooth and harmonious. In contrast, patients or people suffering from mental problems otherwise disharmonic vibrations. By using the right therapy, Reiki energy and the angelic energies this jarring vibration frequency can be changed back to its original state tunable harmonized. The disease is actually a disorder.

The Healing represents the mind, body and spirit to restore harmony and spiritual development. Some organs of the human body is different vibration frequency range of work.

If the vibration of our energy system from the original, then the malaise, fatigue, depressed mood, illness pose. The aura therapy, chakra therapy, Reiki, energy management using the original sound vibration restored.

csakra harmonizálás

Energetic therapy


This method / energetic therapy do not directly fix the physical body, but the human energetic, emotional, mental regeneration system, restoring harmony and maintaining their help. If in the aura recover to health, the positive effect is achieved on the physical body as well. 

You need to therapy when a human unbalanced, sick, suffering from lack of energy, tired, listless. Do you think or feel that you curse, hex, is binding on you? This also can help an aura of ancient magic ritual called deep cleaning help.

I look forward to your application in energy management and curse, hex, knitting collection, aura deep cleaning.
Free your soul negative, harmful, toxic vibrations.

Make yourself free!
The therapy fee: 10.000 HUF (£48) /  1-2 hours.

The treatment of the following contacts can be made: +3670/329-4960, +3620/500-2291
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WARNING! Therapy in this site is not a substitute for medical treatment, I recommend you only ancillary healing process. The healing of mind, body and spirit to restore a balance between the spiritual and promote development understood as a cure does not cover.