ABOUT ME few sentences.

I’m John Albecz. I was born in 1971 in Szeged, Hungary.
I live in Piliscsaba 28 km from Budapest. First my marriage were born two boys.
My granddaughter 3 years.

The spiritual journey began for me as a child. I didn’t understand what it means. Between 1991-1998 research and teaching in the Bible I bothered going. Mind control, law of attraction, where success. There are many methods to help to know that the patient wipe out negative energy, and instead put a positive experience.


The greatest experience for Pendulum SPIRIT CLEANERS method meant to me.

Positive changes have occurred to me since this method.
Customers also for the soul is the most effective treatment.
The pendulum soul purification method is constantly evolving, so we always can offer great help in all aspects of life.

Now I’m learning because learning about the development of teaching and transmission of information is the life lessons.
I am proud teachers who help in the spiritual way.

I get experience. Which means a lot to me.
I teach with love.
My goal is to help you.

Question? Please do not hesitate!

Phone: +3670/329-4960, +3620/500-2291



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