Chakra harmonize aura cleaning, detection training


T he harmonization of chakras – cleaning aura of the course will help you to live a healthy everyday your days!
How to clean your chakras?

Remedy for the physical, emotional and mental disorders


Aura – chakra cleansing methods of learning information get rid of the harmful information from –
Train your sixth sense!
Detailed description of the person’s field of energy – how they operate in accordance with the chakras?
You can learn different techniques that will allow you to recover the harmonious functioning of the chakras, the aura cleaned in blocks!

The methods we learned from yourself and others can also be done painlessly.
Freedom will be complete when The energy system working properly.

What solutions can you help others?

We taught it to call off the healing power of the unit.
Aura cleaning, removal of impurities.
Chakra harmonize control, filling and regeneration operation.
What can you do if the person being treated is away from you = distance healing.
inauguration, this course will help received in the future!
No experience is necessary.

Chakra harmonize – cleaning aura Course

Those who have already applied what they have learned has changed their lives.
We also learn that we are putting together energetically.
In addition to the best-known seven chakras, knowledge only added to other cancers as well.
If a certain area of your life is not working the way you want, you learn how to ask your chakras to work on the task.
Health, happiness, abundance, success is available to you if you’ve done well and you learn to harmonize the chakras – aura cleaning methods.

Health field has helped in practice, headaches, back pain, poor digestion, insomnia, fatigue, weight gain, old bad habits is released, creating harmony in family life.


csakra harmonizálás

Harmonize the chakras, aura cleaning


  • How to keep the aura clean and healthy?
    It’s amazing expect positive results in your life!
    Get the satisfaction or your work too!
    Be Healthy!
    Appealing to the abundance in your life!
    What can you have this training?
    – Cleans and strengthens the chakras, aura –
    – Delete the home, workplace negativity –
    – Brings out your skills –
    – Connect with your soul –
    – Shows you how to live –
    – Help in achieving the real goal –
    Many people have come up from the depths, who launched include the self-healing process.
    I look forward to your application to harmonize the chakras, aura cleaning, detection of course.
    Learn to detect the chakras and auras.
    Why do you recommend for harmonizing the chakras, aura cleansing course?
    Because your health is in your hands!
    Because you learn ? disharmony within you convert harmonic vibration, so be healthier and happier life.
    Because it helps us to understand how the energy system, and if we can do good for ourselves, we do it with someone else.

    We welcome the aura of course, chakra course, that the above information also can learn!

Course fee: 12.500 HUF (£60)

You can not personally attend the course?
Now you have to apply online training cours
Ask about! + 3670/329-4960, + 3620/500-2291
Live life healthily! 


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