Chronobiology – personality assessment course


K nowledge of chronobiology

At birth, a parent of three energy has an impact on us.
– Paternal – maternal – Earth’s biorhythm
The calculation can be easily determined using biorhythms of a person’s capacity, emotional and mental state.
Starting from the date of birth (year, month, day) to calculate the physical, emotional, intellectual endowments.
The chronobiology, personality analysis psychogenetics course we work with the numbers to find out what we have load capacity / with the people around us.


Kronobiológia elemzés

Chronobiology, biorhythms


Why am I, as is?
Could you do differently?
Other Could behave differently in front of me?
The psychogenetics in addition to the innate abilities, organ function, condition of chakras, meridians operation, families, friends, couples and formation to determine the compatibility can also help.
When we are born, parents inherited genetic traits we bring with us, affecting our whole life.
But the third parent from Earth we get these properties. These effects explain the natural psychogenetics typology.
If you know especially our own properties, we can better ourselves and others, we can live in peace.
The data defining the active braking and power of one person – the emotional feelings and intuition and logic értékeit- values.
Education, learning, life experiences on these values, the properties are built on it. The properties given birth to radically change can not but modify a positive or negative direction, yes.
Basic properties, behavior, emotions, abilities, predispositions to disease in the seven major chakras values manifest themselves.
As a first step in a developed this table, calculate your chakras exact values. This is the starting point.
What gives you the insight chronobiology course?
You will learn the values of interpretations of the chakras.
Values are relative interpretations.
What does the physical, emotional, mental load?
What role throughout our lives, knowledge of chronobiology?
Type characterization learn.
What can you do if you’re not in your place, or you feel your life is not right somewhere.
All of these respond to the courses taught chronobiology.
Partnership, workplace, how to handle yourself?
What is your advice to someone when you call for help?
The chronobiology, personality analysis, basic course consists of two days.
The course is going to learn that these values, numbers, how did you mean that fate is to be with someone – a karmic connection.
Maybe someone you’re a teacher or someone in your teacher.
How do you consider others, and how they view you people?
All of this is only the date of birth (year / month / day – ra) is required.



Chronobiology An analysis of personality analysis.
The chronobiology psychogenetics year of birth,
month and day of digits used,
and they are using determines
the characteristics of the individual endowments of numbers



Characteristics for an elaborate system includes tools (typological system).
by examining the characteristics of the individual effects of cosmic birthday of Professor Dr. Artur Zsazskov and Dr. Tatjana Smirnova they developed and established the foundations of psycho-genetics, the typology of the natural system of rules.

The psychogenetics three basic human trait deals.
The birth of a date can be calculated indicators of physical, emotional, and intellectual contours of the human nervous system is given.

The typology distinguishes natural, such as braking and stimulus, emotions and feelings and intuition and logic within these two new groups.

When a man is born, his parents inherited properties brings with it.
But also prevailing on the date of the birth of cosmic impacts also affect personality characteristics.
So knowing the birthday conclude that the man what the rest of his life impact properties.
Candidates Later effects – the education, learning and life experiences – these fundamental properties are built on it.
The innate physical (vital), emotional and intellectual properties can not be changed radically, but to change – positive or negative – does.

The exhibit chronobiology way from natural typology – to determine predispositions to disease, body, soul, spirit examination of internal conflict.

What will help you analyze the chronobiology?
How do you see it from a different perspective of what is now “problem” you are going.
You find out what talents you were born.
Why are you so it is.
What workspace’d feel really good time.
The quality of human relationships, how you can help.
You can find a way out of certain life situations.
Find out what life tasks.

The calculation of the energy received at birth helps a relationship to what suits you.
The method of chronobiology is special because it helps viewed differently from the general to ourselves and others, but also human relations from a different perspective, contemplate regardless of fallible human trait.
The goal of the application of chronobiology, the acquisition is too deep and clear self-awareness is that we can work in our environment without guilt and that each of our properties to be able to positively evaluate and accept.
The chronobiology, there is no bad qualities.
You can perfectly well you’ve done in the world can only look on yourself and your environment to another page.
Chronobiology The course consists of two parts.

2 Day Course: 30.000 HUF (£150)


I am waiting for you in the chronobiology course.


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