mágikus képesség fejlesztése September 09, 2016 on Friday
17:00 pm start,

(Every even week on Friday) 16 times, a total of 64 hours of coursework.

Everyone lives there, an innate talent, the magical sensation.
In the COURSE, you can develop the mystical forces dormant in you.
Completing the course will help to others (clients) can become the rescue.

Love-based techniques, with clear positive forces working to learn the perception of

Development of magic skills – Knowledge Master – School


  • Healing power of crystals, crystal therapy exercises, communication with them
  • AURA- regeneration chakras, cleaning
  • Polish-use stick-to-surface radiation measurements radiesthesia
  • The ancient magic square and soul purification method for learning
  • Using the pendulum – on a professional level
  • Shovels, bonding, testing doom – Removal
  • Bringing Detection
  • Universal flow of healing energy

The development of the magical abilities – master skills – training 16 times, a total of 64 hours of coursework.

Start date: September 09, 2016 and Friday 17: 00-21: 00th

Subsequently, every Friday meet the same period.

Each student will receive certificate when finished.

Monthly fee: 11.000.- HUF (£50), curriculum, certificate and other utilities are included.
We also teach you how to start your company for such help.

Pre-registration is required!

Location: 1066 Budapest. Dessewffy s 53. Soter esoteric center.

The center contact:

  • +361-331-81-86
  • +3670-384-25-44
  • +3670-223-08-90

I wait with love if you’d be happy to help others.


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