Fate Conversion Method


Pendulum destiny cleaning methods, obstacles, cleaning blocks and loading of positive energy. Fate cleaning method examines the unconscious mind and the soul of a note (Akasha Chronicle) examines, with all the experience of the soul is recorded.

With the help to quickly find the limiting ideas, belief systems, major fears that may impede this life. All these revealing and cleaned, and loving support ideas, ideas can be loaded into the spirit help to change views about life and created more freedom to discuss it.

Fate cleaning method using a pendulum and a table top Higher Self / Spiritual committee can explore blocks and cleans out the unconscious, disharmonious energies. The memories of past lives can help them uncover the secret motivations that hinder the development of life now.

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The Fate of the transformation Methodology (FM)


The subconscious mind will store up all thoughts, feelings and carries a lot of belief that can limit in this life.

The discordant energies are sometimes so deeply imprinting to conventional treatments would not be disclosed.
The fate of one of the most effective methods include cleaning which allows you to quickly and effectively
It has changed the lives of many.

Fate cleaning method examines what it is that you prevent that élhesd deserved life.

The subconscious work on the blocks, obstacles that are in different areas of your life is affected.
You want to, you can consciously attract the good life!
The fate of the transformation method of examining previous energies has also life, which will cleanse and replaced by building positive energies are loaded.

The soul longs for freedom! Be a part of your life you can!
Fire up the self-healing process!

It is possible to Skype os consultation, if the distance is an obstacle for you.

Fate cleaning, solution, consulting fee: 10.000 HUF (£48) / 1-2 hours.

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