Guided Meditation night, Angel Ritual


Eliminate the mental blocks us meditate, meditation guided night.

Angel healing ritual combined with a meditation evening.
Healing Angels to help this evening for all participants.
I wait all heal our souls!


If you want your body + soul + spirit into harmony would be?
Join our community on this night as well!

Relax your body, let your spirit through the calm inner peace!
Get closer to yourself and the people around you, to learn about life lessons!

Aby AURA- chakra cleaning and releasing stress meditation practice.
Angels help thou clean disharmony.
Clear, balanced state of mind?
Meditation can help!
Cleaner mind, restful sleep, serene atmosphere.
Meditation slows our heart rate, increase vigilance.
We are invited to guided meditation night, family atmosphere here with us!

Artist: John Albecz