Higher Self connection with the development, the birth of the soul

Who is he? What does the concept Higher Self?
How can you be contacted?
How, why do you choose the soul that is born on Earth?
What’s our purpose here?

Meet the NEW UNIVERSE’s message!


Higher Self our help when they have to decide over our destiny.
The fate of a cleaning method of understanding, where the Higher Self our help.

The subconscious, are all programmed like a computer. These programs, beliefs, belief systems can limit the current being.

All these above our lives, in this life or in parallel, we have our lives.
The good news is that the soul is enlightened, you want to live.
A positive change benefits for all, we can override the negative ones a lot cleaner way!
The date of birth of a code which can be read in all our lives concerning.

The fate and life lessons is also included in these figures.
The birthday of the soul is designed.
The cleaning method fate and destiny of life and mission computing system, examples will be presented through experience on this show.

Artist: John Albecz