Karma – Life Task Destiny and fate analysis course


Free will and destiny is not contrary to the concept, the current life represents all of our decisions and our experience in the past, what we call fate of these products.

The purpose of Karma is not a punishment or revenge, but still the experience of development.
Novel destiny of our own making, even if this earthly perspective, seems too difficult obstacles.
We are all part of a divine plan, with the aim born, brought to perfection.

The past lives are often echoed in the present life, which is why more people are thinking about it, to utilize not be a problem, both stem from unresolved past lives.


karma, sors, életfeladat

The novel of life

Had a previous life you have brought yourself to some property from the current life?
What do you … what do you have to learn undertaken … you dare to take responsibility?
Why is it happening things in your life as they happen?
What life lessons can be given free choice … but if you live in this facility?


You feel like you need to change?
Now’s your chance …
Always choose the family spirit, who can get current life by what you should have.
A life in general is a major life lesson from, including whether the possible 3-4 sub-task as well.
-What’s Your major life lessons?
-What Do you ever written a novel into your life?
-What Fate you chose for yourself?


“Every soul point the people, events and circumstances creates for itself, which it needs in order to reach it, what you want to achieve.”
Donald Wals

Are you open-ended questions to which answers are you waiting for?
The fate and karma life lesson course will teach you how you can do all that and how you can correct by the free will to make a decision over his fate.
Perhaps the soul does not fulfill its duties, were broken Unfinished Life?
The sooner you wish to improve, correct?
Spiritual leader can help you in setting up életterveid.
After all, you may have forgotten what had contracted the soul and free will sometimes differed with the choice of life lessons direction.
When they incarnated a current earthly existence, you can chose your birth date, which is a “secret writing” and it’s your job to unravel what is fraught.
What the fate job of your choice?
Turn off or with whom, why? Why he? Why her?
These figures are all in this course will learn to read.
This training is not based on the number mysticism, but working with the data of birth, all of which can be read, which affects the rest of your life.
Get to know yourself!
Know your destiny!
Get to know the people living around you!
Why is it happening things as they happen.
If you want to give yourself a better and happier life, you love I wait for the course.


The course fee:  £ 225/  3-day course.

You can not personally attend the course?
Now you have to apply online training cours
Ask about! + 3670/329-4960, + 3620/500-2291
Live life healthily! 


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