Karmic duties and responsibilities of life

Codes of birth tunes! What fate for the soul?

There are various methods that let him see the fate our tasks and life paths.
According to St. Augustine, the numbers are a universal language, which was donated to the people of God, the truth as confirmation.
How to find decisive figures in your life?
Do you want to know more?

karma, sors, életfeladat

The numbers in the messages to us, but how can we believe them?
Really all written?
But, there is free will, or that you are now is it?
You can adjust to what the spirit of choice, but I do not like the decision at that time.
Let’s look deeper into things!
Arrange your thoughts and get acquainted with a new message of the universe!
How do you link the job and life written laws of free will?
You do actually have a karmic destiny and provide job?
The lecture participants have access to a number of important information.

Find out what your soul planned for 2016 !!!


Artist: John Albecz spiritual teacher, counselor