Muscle Test – block solution method


The muscle-testing block solution technique an academic exercise, motion dealing method. (kinesiology)
From conception from all the information about ourselves and our environment we are within us, whether we remember it consciously or not.

This information is placed on the surface of muscle testing method.
The muscle testing (kinesiology) makes it possible to detect the problem, the real cause of the disease and learn to identify the necessary adjustments to dissolve the negative experiences.



Muscle Test


The movement can be corrected exercises, sophisticated ritual and queues tested and dietary and lifestyle changes to show the thoroughness of our comprehensive system. Self awareness of breathing and movement coordination, balance the energies of the physical and intellectual capabilities in are affected.

A significant part of the muscle -block solvent test method (kinesiology) corrective practices used in the movement, the movements in harmony effect. Thus, stress related solve the problem. We may provide clearing the way for further development. Reduce your negative emotions and increased awareness, which will help in this change.

What is the use of muscle testing – block solvent method?

Certain memories and impulses to the unconscious mind is stored. These can be painful memories, repressed desires, thoughts stuck, stimuli are not consciously perceive. They are under the mind affect us and work in us.
The muscle testing these hidden information placed on the surface without a conscious recollection. The working muscles respond and help you retrieve the information, uncover and restore the possibility dysfunctions.



We can spend our lives that the world tells us who we are.
Sane or insane.
Saints or sex maniacs. Heroes or victims.
Can be left to history to decide for us, we were good or bad.
Let the past determine the future. Or we can choose ourselves.
Chuck Palahniuk


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