Programming crystal, crystal tuning course


Your body, mind and soul programmed rebalancing of using crystals.
Achieve goals, communicate with the crystals!
Crystal Programming teach our course!





There is no doubt that the quartz crystals belong to one of the most versatile stones.
Energy will help keep the balance.
The pure quartz crystal content is actually silicon dioxide.
The largest quartz crystal I’ve ever found in Brazil, 20 meters long and 48 tonnes of pressure.
The best specimens are currently found in the United States, the Swiss Alps, Brazil, Peru, Madagascar and the Himalayas.
The most important features are that pure quartz amplifies the energy of programming works well and keeps the memory, not deleted.
This type of crystal is used on television, radio and the computer as well.
The pure quartz crystal stone is indeed a universal healing and promote overall wellness and health.
It can be used in everyday life, to help you achieve your goals easier.
You can clean in a manner that is required to do so only once, not ever again take up different vibrations neither man nor the environment …
How to upload + program, provided with the information to reach your goals faster.
How can you restore the balance in yourself, others and the world around you .

Restoring health problems may also help.
In everyday life, you can learn simple methods used in the crystal-programming course.
How do you reach out easier targets?
How can the discordant energies, harmonic vibrations convert the programmed crystals?
How can you acquire this knowledge?
The secret is revealed to us!
Imagine that all your purpose, your plans come true …
Imagine that you live healthier in your everyday …
See yourself in relation to a happy couple …
In any area of your life you can apply to programming crystals …
What else can you master the crystal programming course?
The crystal programming – crystal therapy course you will learn how to apply one of the precious gift of Mother Earth in crystals and gems.
How to help the healing ability can be enhanced cleaning and obtaining, maintaining the well-being of the soul.
Increase your powers of self-healing, even up to hundreds of tightly programmed using crystals!
Clear your negative emotions and energies of the patient aurádból quickly and easily.
Programmed crystals can create a kind of protective shield against the ill-negative energies.

There are crystals, minerals, jewelry?
Necklaces, bracelets, charms …
Learn how to wear them so that their impact
Tripled in acquiring programming.


The crystals protect against psychic attack, amulets for protection, to learn, to attract money, relationships … ask them for any purpose, in order to facilitate your life.
Pre-training course for its crystal-programming is not required.
The inauguration was a course using vibrating rising.
And it will also help if you’re unsure about something the use of crystals in the field, they are also help you to know properly apply what they have learned, that you get by the inauguration of a protection to operate correctly programmed crystals.
The crystals are like a computer can be programmed to providing them with information,to comply with certain requirements, carry out the task you ask them.
The crystals are much more unilateral than a machine.
Helping their energy in different areas of life they are already proven in the world.
The crystals programming task is much easier than a complicated computer.


ametiszt How to clean? …
How to add crystals of a request for what you want? 
Crystal Programming course will help you learn.

The crystals programming is a very nice, fast and simple, intimate process.
Anything you could ask him to help you be.
would you like your health?
you would attract money?
you need in a relationship?
New job?
Earth’s Radiation protection can ask them to do.
Learn how to help the crystals, their role in living things!

Course fee: 12.500 HUF (£60)


You can not personally attend the course?
Now you have to apply online training cours
Ask about! + 3670/329-4960, + 3620/500-2291
Live life healthily! 

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