Radiesthesia – earth radiation detection training


T he radiesthesia is not a new study. In the past radiesthesia course you learn about it.
Why is it important to recognize the earth radiation?
Radiesthesia to the knowledge of the measurements by acquiring more harmonious, healthier life.
In the course of practice a focus.

How and why does the polish wand?

Radiesthesia recommend the course to all those who carry out their task even for beginners or some kind of alternative medicine. For those who have their interests, I would like to broaden their education and understand how you can give us indications of the stick. You recognize certain protection options. Do you want to measure other invisible energies? Come visit us and we will teach you!
You can search for positive and negative zones.
Any measure that is invisible yet exist!
You can measure everything what you want!




You learn to use the sticks Poland, which lets you do things visible that are invisible to the eye!
The wand-compliance programming.
Learning about the different areas of radiesthesia.
How can you measure the stick using what techniques.
What earth radiation known varieties.
You learn on the ground radiation weighing.
Memorized also to examine aura impression of earth radiation.
If someone in bed or on the worktop, any kind of radiation is, the vibration of the aura are as well.

Hartmann, Curry-water veins, geological fault line, and St. George Ley lines, Ore dyke, of soils, the Tiger-net, the system Benker Cubic, Black Lines, Straight Lines, Vortex …

As the earth radiations cause disease if their frequencies account for a long time the course will help you, so that you’ll define the advantageous and disadvantageous places.
Use your innate ability – your sixth sense – !!!
Reward yourself with this knowledge!
I recommend even in radiesthesia training course?
For you, if you want to know the earth radiation, which may be responsible for yourself and your loved ones health.
For you, if you want to avoid the negative zone and find you an appropriate, healthy living space.
Would I recommend this course if you want to apply in practice.
knowledge from this course will help you to live a happier and healthier life, and that others can assist you!
If you would like to read more about radiesthesia, I recommend site!



No experience is necessary. You are welcome!
Why do professional-level course?
That’s because the basic knowledge, complemented by specialized knowledge to a higher level.

The course fee:  £137 /  2-day course, includes a wand, written curriculum, diploma for finish.

After the completion of the courses we offer
AURA- harmonize the chakras measurement training course as well,
which is closely linked to radiesthesia training.
Live life healthily!

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