Chartered Spirit Mentor (advisor) training starts en-Bp.
September 07, 2016 onwards – 2 weeks
(Even weeks) on Wednesdays from 17:00.


Fate cleaning, soul mentor training, summing up a self-study, which is combined with a system that included all those able to work together with clients, spiritual advisor.


lélekmentor képzés


The first few times the students learn their fate their task, learn the personality analysis on a professional level. Karma, fate also be recognition of the events will be highlighted.



Combining theoretical and practical techniques made available to the participants the items that are of spiritual development, higher level to help clean the soul, fate analysis of the subject matter.


önismereti tanulmány




At the end of the course, everyone learns how you can work together with other souls, analyze, count, recognize the tasks fate, destiny and soul to continue cleaning.



He studied topics include:

  • Karma- destiny- life lesson = the fate analysis
  • Chronobiology= personality analysis
  • Fate Cleaning- soul cleaning spirit spiritual leaders can help (both use learning)

Customized pendulum charts to know the soul of its programs, identify energies, and other previous lives examined, tested out the jams, which own or clients, as well as the family is concerned.
In addition, the negative vibrations are converted to print positive, spiritual leader, the contribution of the Masters.


spirituális tanácsadó


The training participants will learn the family – laws of the soul system as well.
Fate cleaning, soul mentor training 22 times, a total of 88 hours of coursework.
Each student receives certificate when finished



Fee: Occasionally. 5.500 HUF = 11.000 HUF  (£50) paid monthly, curriculum, certificate and other utilities are included.

Pre-registration is required!

Location: 1066 Budapest. Dessewffy u 53. Soter esoteric center.

The center contact:

  • +36- 1-331-81-86
  • +3670-384-25-44
  • +3670-223-08-90

I wait with love if you’d be happy to help others.

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