Spiritual Response Therapy


The Spiritual Response Therapy surpasses the most known alternative cure. The higher level of Consciousness (Higher Self) contacts, we can work together in the spirit. In this way it is possible to the conscious and the subconscious records to examine, and disharmonic clean energy in it.

The soul and AKASHA preserve the experience of information that, in the present and in the future you want to experience the spirit is life with you previously. Spiritual Response Therapy of possible negative energies, programs dissolve and replace them with positive replaced.



Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)


The subconscious responds to commands and performs vegetative functions of the body.
Our Spiritual Helpers with a spiritual group, help you to access our programs on the redundant stock, which would prevent. Pendulum is provided using the communication channel, and Higher Self it with the subconscious.
The pendulum motion using muscle (ideomotor movement) indicates the responses above the SRT chart.

spirituális választerápia-svt

The Higher Self ideomotor response managed. SRT does not serve as a fortune-teller procedure or diagnosis of diseases.

The method in the way of mental, emotional and physical healing stationary obstacles, cleaning blocks.

We are spiritual beings physically embodied all of us. The Earth has chosen to experiment with the gain.

All designed by the Spirit, the Spirit is in charge of their own healing. The above and other life collected experiences, accumulated energies influence our lives in the present.


Has free will and we can work programs in the subconscious to clean that a virtuous circle of self-healing process. SRT appropriate tool to batch sizes contents of the subconscious mind. It provides a way to keep that which is good, positive and constructive, and the excess ejector. In case of the method used for a variety of problems – in almost every area of life where you would like to change.

Working with all your might to the realization of something?
Yet obstacles in doing this?

The subconscious can be so strong beliefs that are contrary to what you wish to achieve. The experience, if there is disagreement between the conscious and the subconscious desire, then the mind wins under.

To get to create your goals, you need to make sure that the intent is not contrary to belief the subconscious mind that block or neutralize the good work for which it is implemented. SRT purpose of this clarification.

The soul is constantly want to get rid of blocks from. The new experience will accelerate the development.
The soul does not exist for the time. Therefore, we can get information from a past life or parallel life, you can write well, even in the future, but of course in this life as well. This makes it easier to clean the soul, but the physical body can then begin to recover quickly and successfully to face the subsequent life situations.

This therapy is used with a pendulum, which responds to our questions asked. 32 and a few basic pendulum work programs to identify the table. With their help we outline most of the problems with which the soul encounters.

In all cases we ask permission to work from the soul.

Several people have already reported that, following the therapy thrilled to feel special. Many feel that even during cleaning to get rid of the burdens and cold running around on their backs, warmth around the chest.
A few days after treatment start thinking positive, it raised the level of consciousness. This way you see yourself differently and the environment.

The Spiritual Response Therapy advantage of immediately starting the process, thereby immediately noticeable improvement.

The consultation period of spiritual response therapy (SRT) takes 1-1.5 hours.
One time cleaning is performed on a life journey.
My experience is that about a certain situation in life you do not have to work several times within one month.
Anybody has a chance to solve the problem, but is 2-3 with whom consultation is to come as a result of the conditions of the soul to integrate the programs, or you can explore the jam to clear multi-perspective and consciousness of the Higher Self.

Online, Skype Shop works of cleaning, since there is no time for the soul and there is no distance.

Consultation applications: +3670/329-4960, +3620/500-2291
The consultation: 1.5-2 hours. Cost: 10,000 HUF. (£48)

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