Spiritual Restoration

The Spiritual Restoration affects three things: body; soul; spirit. Because of the genetic programs of the sick soul of the body.

When using this method, we work with Upper Spiritual Helpers I’m working, it comes with instructions and information.

The genetic code, very strong positive or negative impact to our lives, for our world.



Spiritual Reconstruction


Cause mental, emotional and physical problems, as long as the soul is studying on physical body.
The Spiritual Restoration is a process that helps to erase the negative genetic programming to replace it with positive programs put. This is a very good change can lead to a person’s life.
It is important to rid ourselves of all the negative to that collected over many lifetimes.

Reconstruction System

Many process includes the method.
This system works on several levels, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

The kinesiology (muscle testing) is used to find and repair the vertebrae, ribs, joints and muscles are those that are dislocated.
Muscle work – finding and restoring of isolated muscles.
nutritional counseling
Emotional stress unlock – using meditation and Brain Reconstruction, dissolving stress, removing the pains associated with them.
The Brain and Mind Rebuilding
respiratory Failures
Satin Wedge – migraine, sinus problems.
Corrections neck – neck injuries.
Local test messages imbalance in the brain to the limbs.
hip problems 



Especially effective for back problems.
Knee, hip, knee problems, shoulder restoration.
Arthritis can be restored. During delivery is often the coccyx or the pubic bone is moved from its place, causing emotional and physical problems.
The system finds and restoration.
A Spiritual Response Therapy with accelerated and expanded process is called Spiritual reconstruction.


When using this method does not perceive pain, we do not work directly on the body.
With the corrections, Higher Self and Spiritual Energy work and make things recover.

Select the reconstruction!

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Consultation time: 1,5-2 hour. Cost: 10.000 HUF.  (£48) 

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