Symbol Healing Therapy, soul cleansing pendulum course


Symbol Healing – Healing symbols, symbol therapy, soul cleansing process – is to transform the disharmonious energies harmonic vibrations.  The method is easily and quickly helps to achieve a positive change, not only spirit level but also at the physical level.

The chakras are also engaged in clearing and known as color therapy, alternative medicine, it involves the technical details that affect the soul and the physical body and our spirit as well.
The colors of the different vibrations, healing and feel-good effect on you, too.

The Healing Symbol, symbol therapy, negative thoughts in the mind also cleanses and transforms positive.
The treatment with symbols feltudjuk also explored how mental diseases have a certain background, and starts from the process.



symbol healing

Symbol Healing Therapy




Then the corresponding symbols in the body vibrating energies we can achieve success.
Various methods help of this technology construction, which eltudsz this training will learn through exercises.
The symbols are reduced flow of vibration energy exposure / resolve the problems.
If for some past trauma could not get rid of the soul is because the subconscious preserves the memories, they can be integrated into the symbols.
Suitable for use in converting any symptoms Healing Symbol, symbol therapy and experiencing a short time for a change.
This spiritual healing / therapy simply works, anyone can apply to private and others as well.
The scheme does not hypnosis, the Super Conscious Mind, Higher Self, the all-knowing one using Universal Mind retrieves the information to a particular situation, in which symbols disease, how long and how to apply.

The fastest and most accurate testing method of the pendulum. ingás lélektisztítás

The super consciousness information through the intercession pendulum, and this method is suitable for individual style pendulum tables to help identify.
The pendulum usage is easy to learn, requires no special skills or previous experience.


Not only patients but also in healthy people used this alternative, the Symbol Healing symbol therapy to be able to live a happier, more successful and harmonious life. Put guards in front of the super consciousness using subliminal door!

Choose to be able to transmit a positive message through that door!
Learn to abolish the old negative patterns of behavior!
Insert the positive energies and find success!
Create your reality!

The course fee:  £280/  2-day course, includes a wand, written curriculum, diploma for finish.

You can not personally attend the course?
Now you have to apply online training cours
Ask about! + 3670/329-4960, + 3620/500-2291
Live life healthily! 

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