The fate of transformation methodology
(Pendulum course)


Work with the soul!
Get to know the laws of Fate, and then YOU can be the leader of your life!
You’ve also found the force with which you can convert your destiny.

Learn to apply to live!

Did you know that your fate’s script you write for yourself?
All decisions are a consequence the free will.
You’re Self Healer, who can change everything you want.

Sorsátalakítás módszertana

The fate of transformation method.


Bring to life the Higher Self, the all-knowing your relationship with a Universal Mind!
The fate of the transformation methodology, the pendulum can explore and cleans out the blocks, jams through higher selves. 

Customized shuttle tables can create the connection to the Heavenly management, Spiritual Leader and identify the subconscious programs running. In some cases, problems with different Spiritual Helper are needed.

Higher Self coordinate them, harmonize and to work properly it is he who chooses to us at the right quality and quantity of helpers.

The pendulum using tables, we can ask for information on all areas of life.  Identify the reasons for which are responsible for the blockage.  It clears Higher Self and positive vibrations plays in their shoes, so this physical plane immediately noticeable change.

sorsátlakításThe fate of transformation methodology, helps former lives can have access to the confusion and eliminate its consequences therefrom.
In some cases, parallel or future life can be obtained from the information that can be converted into the here and now.
The stalled energy outcast even if they are related to the family.
Back you can set the order in which energy can flow.
The ancestors the power flowing through the roots of love, acceptance, openness, but these can only be achieved if the target is damaged principles and other wounds restored.
The energies are easily retrieved and loaded the solution.
The Higher Self to load the morphogenetic field of conscience and family.


Sign transformation of the FATE methodology pendulum course!
Course Date: 21-22 May 2016 and 28-29 / 4 days, 10: 00-18: 00
Location: Hungary, Budapest. Dessewffy street to 53rd. Soter esoteric center


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The four-day training includes a pendulum pendulum table 60, a description the understanding, live audio, diploma.
Discount for multiple people occur at the same time!


Live life healthily!




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