The map of the ancient science of cleaning and the magical world of crystals


The ceremony was part of ancient magic, even during the flushing of negative energy, which is used regularly.
The invisible displacement disembodied energy, transformation of the diseases that cause the abolition of bad vibrations resources and their harmonic vibrations.
In today’s fast-paced modern world, fewer and fewer people employed magical ceremonies, would be just as helpful to our health, our life perspective.
The magical world of crystals, learning about nature of existence, we now know that they are able to vibrate in a space so as to help us be a proper clean, healthy life to maintain.
But what simple steps we can all this be resolved?
What impact throughout our lives, our health is the space where we live or work?
How can we activate the crystals to be of help?
The presentation gives an insight into the details.
All participants will present us with a clean and crystal-programmed, which helps to keep away unwanted energies!
Live consciously!


To apply for the program by e-mail or phone to
+ 3670/329-4960, + 3620/500-2291.
You can apply by text message.