The soul theaters

lélek színpad

The soul theaters- Drama group –

Cast your soul!
Be the protagonist!
Go to the home a reality!
Start a new life!


The game of life, a real life scene is reflected in every detail, which is detected to change your life!
You can be the protagonist or supporting actor as well.
Main character of the person who lives in a particular Theme, problem block of want to make a difference.
To recognize the real cause vomiting and converted.
The side in the person / persons who is / who is involved in the spirit of the game.
With their help, we can enforce the order, which is essential to the soul of a new main character to life to restore law after the realization of the order.
The Spirit theater – theater group – for those who want to see more clearly, want to change the situation of life.
Participants act out, showing the reality of real life on the stage.
On this day, we see the game of the soul, not the conscious man.
There is no pre-written script, because the universal energies are directed to the participants without anyone playing her ego display the story.
Everyone will benefit from participation because he plays a role, it is also just happens to transformation.
Three phase to build up the subject (one time, one topic).
1. Attuned to universal energies, while fetched from the spiritual, heavenly helpers vibrations.
2. We display the theme on which we are working.
The extension will help participants acting out the story.
3. We discuss screened the results.
14 years of age, a person already participate in the program. Minimum 5, maximum 10 participants started the group.
The soul theaters using any walk of life, any question can be answered, if we examine everything.


New vision develops in everyone.
This program is self-healing, personal development methods as well.
The soul of every recorded scene is replayed.
The family production can benefit from similar experiences in the soul of theater groups.

Originally, Jacob Levy has been further developed on the basis of US physicians, psychiatrists idea of the system.
A different variant of the method developed / evolve, more and more application areas are gaining ground.
How can you help the Soul theater drama group?
Emotional injuries and dissolves
Biography jam
Waiver of
Deciding situations
If you wish to avoid the treadmill
If you are looking for a solution, but have not yet found

Phone: + 3670/329-4960, + 3620/500-2291


Albecz János

John Albecz group leader