Use Spiritual Pendulum course


Communicate the Spirit and the Higher Self.

Using the pendulum simple way to request access to the divine guidance, and it is important to correctly use it.
This tool will help you communicate with your Higher Self and your guides, and also can be used to help you in your decisions and in mediating the healing energy.
Simply the pendulum, a very nice little device.
You do not need to have any spiritual experience or experience should be, because it will work for you too.



What can they have learned on the course?

Higher Self Communication with the acquisition.
We teach you how to use the pendulum, or to expand your existing knowledge.

How to use a pendulum?
What moves the pendulum?
Why you should absolutely learn how to use the pendulum?
How accurate a pendulum, you get information?
Determine the “yes” and “no” signals.
The right kind of asking questions.


Pendulum read the energy patterns, messages elicit Higher Self. Subconscious reveal the secrets considered to be the perfect tool.
Those who do not know the rules, they are given false answers.
The subconscious mind is connected to the Higher Self have any questions you can answer.
Use it wisely and enjoy your support!
No experience is necessary.

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The pendulum is much more than a cord hanging weight.
One of the most used in current various fields.
The pendulum is not a new invention, has been known for thousands of years.
In ancient China they cast out evil spirits with it.
The Egyptians used measuring out the area to crop production.
Possibilities are limitless use of the pendulum, in many ways can give guidance.



Use the pendulum course we help you choose the right pendulum.
Much more appropriate than limiting it only to answer yes or no to the application.
A sea of magical practice and facilitate the achievement of the goal.
We teach you how to help in decision-making, health problems, how to communicate with non-visible energy.
Using the pendulum – if done correctly – can carry you apply miracles take place.
The pendulum can use the help of deliberately sending information to the subconscious.
Many people consider a toy, ignoring that with proper use, what things can do.
Using learn, learn.
Using the pendulum, like any other valuable thing you want to practice to reach the level of experts.
The conscious mind is to store a lot of data, but the subconscious is even much more – a lot more.
The pendulum of the central nervous system as an extension of the subconscious is made available so that the information received by Higher Self.
Council always get top of me, but still received a credible answers to the sincere and important issues.
The pendulum sensitive areas of your life, makes conscious and intuitive, using the skills multiplied.


The pendulum course fee: £77.

You can not personally attend the course?
Now you have to apply online training cours
Ask about! + 3670/329-4960, + 3620/500-2291
Live life healthily! 

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